Hand-Forged Top-Bar Hive Tools: They’re pretty, they feel good, and they do the job

If you want one, I can make one for you

I use these top-bar hive tools a lot at this time of year. They’re terrific for reaching deep into the hive to gently detach brace comb the bees have attached to the side walls.

I’ve hammered the curve in the handles flat in order to pry apart those propolized bars.

I think they’re pretty! I like it when a tool is not only functional but is pretty and feels good in the hand.

I’m hand forging these myself, and I have a few for sale…no two alike. If you’d like one for yourself, contact me for images and pricing (liz@two-honeys.com).

Soon we’ll have the Products section of the website working…which means you won’t need to contact me via email to place your order. It’s a process though, Reader, and right now I’m still deep in bees.

The TwoHoneys Top-Bar Hive Tool

You may know, Reader, that I’ve been trying my hand at blacksmithing. And you may also know that I once had a hive tool like this one, but I lost it somewhere. Yeah, I have no idea how I can lose so many nice things, but I do. It’s probably laying in the grass near a top-bar hive somewhere.

BackYardHive Top Bar Tool

But before I ordered yet another of these nice BackYardHive tools, I decided to try my hand at making one myself. And with the help of Christopher Daniel, I did. I haven’t yet incorporated the nice bronze, bee wing-like elements you see above, and I probably never will. I’ll make my personal marks some other way.

Anyway, I’m sure to get better at these with practice, and if you’d like one of your very own, Reader, I’ll make one for you! I’ll have to charge a little something for it, but it won’t break the bank. And I’ll make your hive tool completely unique…no two alike. Guaranteed.

TwoHoneys top-bar-hive tool


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