So you want to be a beekeeper. We get that. We really get it.

Some of us simply want to keep our very own bees. We gladly accept all the risks, all the thrills, and all the rewards of making hive-management decisions on our own.

But it’s always helpful to have someone nearby from whom we can learn—someone willing to inspect our hives alongside us, a local friend who can share knowledge and experience and who offers encouragement…and, when necessary, someone willing to share resources.

If you want to become a beekeeper, and if you’d like TwoHoneys Bee Co. to help you navigate the many decisions you’ll need to make in getting started, contact us. We’ll gladly suggest a sound, treatment-free, sustainable direction in which to begin…and then we can be on hand as your beekeeping season progresses and as your questions arise. We’ll be there if and when you decide you need us.

P.S. We’re pleasant people. We think you’ll like keeping company with us.