My New Green Metal Lawn Chairs

I’ve been handing out the coolest business cards ever. Seriously. Ever. And they all contain the address that leads to this blog. Which will (honest-to-goodness) eventually be a full-blown website. Jerod and I are working on it. But for now, that web address leads folks right here. So I’d better provide something worth finding once people get here, yes?

Today I want you to meet my new chairs. For some reason I’ve become a little bit obsessed about metal lawn chairs, and I’ve begun to carry cash in my pocket so I can offer people money wherever I find them. (Reader, if you’ve got a metal chair anything like this one…or a metal glider…please let me know. I want it.)

A couple of days ago, I discovered these on a front porch near a local Starbucks. There was a very threatening (for some reason I read it as hyperbolic) note taped to the front door, so I went ahead and knocked. No answer. Knocked again. Nothing. But there was a truck in the side yard (to say it was in a driveway would be overstating it), and this note led me to indicate that whoever lives at this house isn’t planning on answering the *effing* door, so I went around to the side and knocked on a door I found there. Waited. Knocked again. Then, the side door creaked open and a most interesting looking man walked out in his stocking feet. I liked him.

I asked him if I could buy his chairs. He said I could have them. He doesn’t like them. Never has liked them. It was his mother who liked them.

I asked him who painted his house those two shades of blue. He laughed. Said he and a friend did it a few years ago (I’m betting they were high when they did it. I’m betting he was high during our conversation). I told him that whoever chose the paint color for that house would also naturally love those chairs, but he said, no, take the chairs. I paid him $20 for the pair and put them in my car. As I put my beauties in my car, I worried a little bit if it was okay to do business with someone who is high. Then I decided that it’s his business if he does business while he’s high. I thought it was a fair deal. Heck, I don’t even know if that guy lives in that house.

I wish wish wish I’d taken his picture. And a picture of the sign on the front door. It may be worth going back to get the pictures. But, you know, Reader, sometimes you just want to let things be the way they were because they were so good. That’s sort of the way I feel about meeting this guy and getting these chairs.

What does all of this have to do with bees? A lot. Every beekeeper needs a good chair to sit in while she watches her bees fly.

7 thoughts on “My New Green Metal Lawn Chairs

    • metilton Post author

      Wait till you see them refinished. They’ll knock your socks off.

  1. Cameron

    If my memory serves me correctly, which is becoming more and more doubtful, there seemed to be a great number of these metal “porch” chairs in a small town in Texas called San Saba… They fit San Saba perfectly.

    • metilton Post author

      We watched many a San Saba Rodeo Day Parade from lawn chairs exactly like these. In the shade of pecan trees. It’s what makes me obsess about ’em.

  2. Rob

    I have sat in chairs just like that. Down in Kentucky. Probably while I was eating pie. Very comfortable chairs. The metal frames give the chairs a soothing bounce. What is funny is that people come to the owner’s yards sometimes and ask them if they can buy those chairs, and they always say no. They say no because the chairs used to belong to their mother. But, between you and us Readers, I think it is because of that soothing bounce. You’ve got a treasure there.

    • metilton Post author

      Rob, about one hour ago I asked a woman if I could buy the metal glider that sits on her porch. She thought about it for a minute and said, “Let me ask my husband. It was his mother’s.” Just between you and me, I think it’s because of the glide.

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