Two Hives and One Entrance Reducer

So, yesterday I slogged up to the two snow-dusted hives with my one-and-only entrance reducer. And then I stood there. One entrance reducer and two hives poses one of those philosophical moments: To which hive do I choose to give the advantage of warmth?

The hive we call the “swarm hive” is the stronger of the two, and I expect it to winter better than the hive we received through the mail. But this is the first year at this location for each colony, and I don’t think either of them stored enough honey to make for an easy winter. So, do I focus energies on the stronger hive or do I give the leg up to the weaker one?

I’m pretty sure that folks who know would suggest sticking with the stronger hive to ensure successful cold months for them. But I placed the entrance reducer on the weaker hive. I think the swarm hive has the gumption to handle the elements…at least until I can get a second entrance reducer over here. But I feel as if the weaker colony needs all the help it can get, so it now sports a brand new and smaller door.

3 thoughts on “Two Hives and One Entrance Reducer

  1. Mary

    I think you did the right thing. It’s like that in my business, too. Give all the help you can to those who need it the most.

  2. Spencer

    I’d suggest using the entrance reducer on the hive you pass first, then stuff a piece of bark or a handfull of pine needles in the other.

    • metilton Post author

      Spencer, I like the way you think.

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