Mister, I Am Now Your Student

My bee buddy Chris and I took a little roadtrip. Well, we didn’t really go far. He calls, he says, “You wanna go with me?,” I say, “Sure!,” he says, “I’ll be by in about 28 minutes,” and we go.

Today he took me to visit a bee guy. Yard full of bee equipment both in use and out of use. Stacked as high as it’ll go. Garage full of extracting equipment, wax melting equipment, the works. Sheds full of more equipment. More sheds full of more equipment. Beehives everywhere. Kitchen full of honey. I cannot begin to tell you the extent of this.

Marion Ackerman lives and breathes bees. He uses chemicals in his hives, but he could tell by the way I was talking that I’m learning my stuff. No shit. I am. And I intend to learn from Marion Ackerman, too, even though I remain convinced that avoiding chemicals will mean stronger bees for me.

Marion already asked me if I wanted to go with him to look at Simpson’s place. Without a moment’s hesitation I said, “Yes,” and he knows I’m serious.

I told him he might as well start calling me his shadow. I told him I’d see him tomorrow. I may just go pop in on him, too.

Marion Ackerman and several of his hives
Chris Stevens and Marion Ackerman and some bee equipment
Some of Marion Ackerman's not-currently-in-use bee equipment (well, a swarm took up residence in one of these boxes)
A very few of Marion Ackerman's active beehives

4 thoughts on “Mister, I Am Now Your Student

  1. Nyomomma

    WOW that had to be an amazing experience, I’m hoping I can connect with a local beekeeper that doesn’t mind having me as a shadow. I’ll be getting bees this coming spring.

    I found you via the beemaster forum, I’m Nyomomma. :)

    • metilton Post author

      Terrific that you’re getting bees, Nyomamma…and the sooner, the better. Spring is perfect. Once you install and start working with them, everything you’ve been reading will make sense. Your learning curve will probably go through the roof. Where do you live?

  2. Nyomomma

    I live in Maryland; the closest beekeeper to me is Miller Bees. I remember chatting with the wife about four years ago. She’s a real sweet lady. I’m planning on calling there after I get back from vacation so that will be around July 6th.

    I did join Central Maryland Beekeepers Association, but there next meeting isn’t until August. I sent a few emails out to the officers too, hopefully, someone will have pity and let me pop by their place at least once. :)

    Yes, right now my head feels like it’s going to explode. I think some of the information will make sense once I have hands on experience. I’ve read a lot, but itching to meet some local beekeepers. :)

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