Well, who on earth wouldn’t want to be a beekeeper?! Of course you want to to do it, Reader, and that’s what brought you here, isn’t it? By the time you’ve reached this sentence—buried deep in this website—you’re probably already in for it, big time. All that is good in the universe brought you here, my friend, so don’t let anything stop you now…the bees need you more than ever (and so do your fellow citizens of the world, though they don’t all recognize it yet).

But just as there is no single, definitive way of keeping bees, there is also no single type of beekeeper. We are a wildly mixed bunch, thank goodness. And TwoHoneys Bee Co. recognizes this diversity. As a matter of fact, we revel (yes, revel) in knowing that so many different types of people want to keep bees.

Some people learn best entirely on their own—these folks read voraciously. They will drive you crazy with it. They seek out and devour beekeeping books and participate wildly on beekeeping forums. They immediately embrace full responsibility for their hives, and they don’t mind learning from their sometimes-fatal (for the bees) mistakes. But most of us realize that two heads are often better than one, and it’s nice to have a real-life, experienced mentor to consult when the next steps seem unclear. If you’re one of these go-for-it types and  you’re not sure of your next beekeeping step, call us. Honestly, this is the way we began keeping our bees, and we sometimes wished for a nice and knowledgable person to work alongside us for a while and then go away. :)

Other people learn best by watching how more-experienced beekeepers operate. They study and listen and take their time growing into their roles. It’s not as if they’re unwilling to shoulder responsibility, but, if given the choice, they’d rather assume this responsibility gradually. TwoHoneys Bee Co. believes our Bee Stewardship program naturally allows for this progression. Many of our friends who were introduced to beekeeping as bee stewards soon advanced to comfortably and confidently managing their own hives.

Finally…a few potential beekeepers yearn to keep their own bees and enjoy 100% of the honey they harvest—but they may not have the time nor the inclination to take full responsibility for routine and attentive hive management. For these beekeepers, TwoHoneys Bee Co. has developed our Complete Beekeeping Service.